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How to setup Falcon TV+ on Playstation

Step 1: Download Plex Media Server on Your PC

  1. Go to the Plex website and download the Plex Media Server for your Windows PC.
  2. Install and set it up by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Add IPTV to Plex

  1. Once Plex Media Server is set up on your computer, open the Plex web app.
  2. Navigate to the “More” section and look for the “IPTV” option.
  3. Add your Falcon TV+ M3U URL here.

Step 3: Install Plex on PlayStation

  1. On your PlayStation console, go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Search for the Plex app and download it.

Step 4: Link Your Plex Account

  1. Open the Plex app on your PlayStation.
  2. Sign in to your Plex account that you used to set up Plex Media Server on your PC.
  3. This should automatically link your PlayStation to your Plex server.

Step 5: Access Your IPTV Channels

  1. Once linked, navigate to the IPTV section on the Plex app on your PlayStation.
  2. You should now see the list of IPTV channels available via Falcon TV+.

Note: If you don’t have an IPTV subscription yet, you can Subscribe from here.

Step 6: Start Streaming

  1. Browse through the list of channels and click on one to start streaming.
  2. Your PlayStation will use Plex to fetch the stream from your Plex Media Server, which in turn gets it from Falcon TV+.

Step 7: Optimize Settings (Optional)

  1. Plex has several settings to optimize streaming quality, buffering, etc.
  2. Feel free to explore these to get the best possible experience.

And there you have it, You should now be able to stream Falcon TV+ on your PlayStation console via Plex. It’s a bit more roundabout than on other devices, but once it’s set up, it should run pretty smoothly. Enjoy! 🎮📺